Social Media Webinar Series

Most small and medium-sized businesses are missing huge opportunities in social media. In our weekly webinar series we discuss strategies and give practical and immediately usable advice for taking advantage of social media in your business. Our approach is fresh and our methods are simple. If you are ready to make social media work for your business then you need to attend this event.

SimpleTraction Live: Join Chad Baron as he discusses social media strategies for small and medium-sized businesses. Every Wednesday at 9 a.m. PST.

Here are some of the topics we cover throughout this series:

  • Why social media is important now
  • What is the purpose of social media for your business
  • The foundation for your strategy
  • The secret formula for success
  • The 3 unbreakable rules

We also do social media teardowns where we look at the strategy of other businesses to identify what they are doing well and what could be done better.

You can also get your specific questions answered.